Employee Time Tracking App

Employee Time Tracking App

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The significance of an employee time-tracking system


Time tracking app is operated to measure employees’ all-around engaged time at work. It measures the exact time taken on specific tasks including breaks and time off. These are real-time reports to track when a particular employee is active or idle. The system is built in such a way that it tracks each activity by when they logged in and out. This has been a new demand for work culture in this new era! So selecting the best employee time tracking system is a really big task for every organization.


How to pick the right time-tracking software


While choosing the appropriate software one needs to consider the following factors:

#Operational requirements

One needs to specify the scope of your future time-tracking software that includes employee activity and status. Also the working time, leaves and overtime. You can also get some features via integration with other software like project management, accounting, and payroll.


#Implementation choices

The other important factor that needs to be considered is to determine where to locate the employee tracking tool and the data it uses. Usually, for deployment hybrid, cloud, or on-premises have opted. After covid, most businesses prefer cloud solutions as they are hassle-free from installation, maintenance, and upgrade work. Hence, widely seen as a favorable option.


#Cost and budget

While keeping in mind the cost factor, many factors are considered. The cost of your time tracking software depends on the number of employees, integration with other software, and other things which directly or indirectly needed to meet HR needs. The other important point to consider is not to overlook any hidden costs which include maintenance costs, testing, and support system. 


Top employee tracking tools recommendations 


DeskTime- It enables employee monitoring, integrates with project management apps, and also provides daily productivity analysis

  1. The pricing plan starts from $7 per month, a free trial is also available. The software is capable of automatically registering employee arrival and departure time which includes remote employee monitoring too. It even offers features like absence calendars and different shift schedules. But the only limitation it has is that in case of a large number of employees, to track each one’s activity it may get unresponsive and will need to be restarted.


Toggle Track- It is timer-based tracking software with convenient browser extensions, a web app, a desktop app for both Mac and windows, and mobile apps for both android and iOS. The pricing plans start from $9 per month; a free trial is available for up to 5 users. It tracks via a one-click start/stop web timer, a mobile app, or a desktop timer. It even offers basic project management features too. The only limitation is that it can’t be tracked automatically and one needs to click on start and stop for tracking.


TimeCamp– It is an employee time tracking system that integrates with project management tools. Pricing per month is $5.25-7.25 and a free trial is also available. The software integrates with project management applications and tasks. Its limitation is that it has some errors in the application on mobile devices


Supervise employee time easily

Employee time tracking software is gaining great importance in professional working life. It provides the necessary insights regarding employees’ working productive time and working hours. It even provides ease in monitoring the time employees spend on particular tasks and this again gives a picture of their productivity and efficiency. Such professional assistance can make your business work more efficiently and systematically.

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