How online companies & start-ups are addressing and enhancing during Covid-19 crisis

How online companies & start-ups are addressing and enhancing during Covid-19 crisis

The covid-19 pandemic has affected huge loss of health and human and has challenged public health, working culture, economic and social breakdown around the globe.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown have shattered the Indian economy. The economic damage is visible and it already began to challenge the worst breakdown the world has ever experienced in decades.

However, under this miserable situation, the digital sector has appeared as a front-runner. With the entire country restricted to their home, the online market has made a space among the audience. From ordering essential items, groceries to shopping clothes & items or working from home for their offices, everything is just done with few clicks that took the online arcade to another level. 

Even when established companies are struggling with economic slowdown and setbacks, start-ups and online companies have continued to play a critical role for economies.

During this Covid-19 crisis, start-ups and online companies are not only serving with the economy, but also successfully growing at the same time. Start-ups have continued to play a spirited role for economies.

Companies are earning their name at every household with online strategies. There are various recession-proof industries that are making their place and profit despite of the lockdown.

  • Education or e-learning Industry

No matter what, education is the most basic and important thing for everyone. People are tend to learn more when they loss their job. As schools and colleges are closed even today in most places, covid19 has given a great opportunity to e-learning companies to target students for online studying.

  • Media Industry

In today’s time, media plays a huge role in one’s life. Media never goes off and people are always consuming content. With the rapidly moving technology, all your major media channels are airing their show online. From News app to entertainment media channel it is easy for all to operate it from our fingers. This leads to excitement and growth for both the viewers and the owners.

  • Fast moving consumers goods (FMCG) Industry

We all need basic essential good for our daily life. FMCG is what that can never go off even during recession. In fact it’s the first thing that people hit to for their daily consumption. With the accounting of most of the sales in India, FMCG industry is the 4th largest industry in the Indian economy with household and personal Care.

At this time when the entire world is collapsed with Covid-19 pandemic, few online companies have taken a huge hike. Online business elevated to a level like never before.

For example Zoom, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is a communications technology company. Founded in 2011 and launched in 2013, Zoom truly came to public notice during the covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

Fascinatingly, Zoom was originally designed for professional use but during this pandemic period, they extended their service for everyone. Their user base has surged from 10 million to 200 million in just a few weeks.

Companies are experiencing huge effects no matter how established they are. But in this unenthusiastic situation, there are few Indian start-ups that are growing well.

As we are more inclining towards online world, Different start-ups industries are digitally improvising their strategies to attract more consumers. The Online business or startups are using several exciting marketing strategies at different online platforms like offering their entire premium courses free for several weeks, resulting in an vast number of signups.

With such right strategies at right platform at right time, few industries and start-ups are blooming well during this miserable Covid-19 Pandemic crisis.

  • E-learning start-ups

E-learning start-ups in India has taken a straight high slope and had a positive impact during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since all the educational organisations like schools, colleges, universities and coaching centres in India have shut down to prevent virus spread, these start-ups are using their right tactics to the right audience and taking online education or e-learning to the next level. Companies such as BYJU’s, Vedantu, Unacademy, Whitehat Jr, Toppr, have boost their business and gained upto 3 times surge in usage since the first phase of lock down itself. E-learning companies have seen a swift surge in growth in terms of new users, user engagement, & economic profit during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  • Online grocery start-ups

Keeping food on the table is the first priority for most people and so Groceries are the most essential part of our daily life. Everything turning online during this pandemic, the grocery market has taken a huge step to dwell into online service and marketing. Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, Big bazar, Flipkart supermarket, Swiggy Stores, etc are few of the biggest online grocery store in India. Grocery companies or start-ups grew rapidly as soon as the lockdown declared in the month of March, shoppers turned online to find the goods they needed for safety, stock up and even when the items weren’t available at their local stores.

India’s biggest online grocers Big Basket and Grofers, have almost doubled the number of everyday deliveries compared to pre-pandemic period as more consumers are striking online to buy essentials during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

  • E-pharmacy startups

People get sick even in worst economic times and as a result Medicines are most needed products, the call for which will never disappear even if a recession takes place. Whether a person got enough money or not, one wishes to get the right medication. Everytime health care has topped every list of recession-proof businesses and even during Covid-19 pandemic.

E-pharmacy companies or start-ups are the most important e-commerce segment in this ongoing pandemic. Contact-less home delivery of medicines, comfort of being at home, different types of medicines at one go and at single platform, and online prescription services with their registered set of doctors, made it more convenient for the people to get their prescriptions.

According FICCI, Over 50 e-pharmacy startups in India, were serving 3.5 million households in India before Covid-19 hit, saw around 2.5X growth to about 8.8 million households during the lockdown period. That’s 1.4X growth of e-pharmacy in India from its pre-Covid19 level. E-pharmacies are expected to grow 7 times to $3.7 billion by 2022.

E-pharmacies like 1mg, Medlife, PharmEasy, etc are on uphill growth and setting great examples of how to deal with this pandemic scenario while providing the most basic and important item to people online.

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