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What We Do!

Ginie Digital takes pride in building & offering top-notch apps with incredible benefits in India. From earning money from the comfort of your home to delivering exceptional benefits of traveling the world, we work rigorously to elevate and simplify your digital experience.

We believe in transforming technology to enhance everyday life. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art digital experiences to cater to the needs of modern society.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to deliver the requisite experience to people with innovative technologies. As India’s top product-based company, we consider entertainment and giving Indian touch to the apps we create. Explore more about our apps and embark on the journey of smart living.

Our Strenght/Expertise


We consider users as our guiding epitome. We understand the unique challenges of our users, which results in our app development process. We identify our user’s needs to ensure every app resonates with them.

Local Applicability

We are the best product-based IT company in India. We offer a seamless Indian way of life and solutions, making a legitimate difference. We provide users with an app complementing their lifestyle as we understand locals.

Innovation at Core

With the help of our creative minds, we strive to work for what’s possible. We consistently keep up with new technologies and develop novel concepts and breakthrough features that enrich the lives of our users.

Committed Support

We are passionate about our industry and believe in providing the best customer support. You can count on us for any information. We provide regular calls, product demos, and updates about our app.

Quality Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship defines our work. Our development process ensures that every app we release is of the finest quality. We prioritise details for seamless utility. Worldwide users base trusts our uniform excellence.

Products We Offer!

A perfect app to monetize your creativity, Fahdu offers exciting features to the creators to boost their earnings.


AI travel companion, Tripptu will assist you explore your dream destinations. We will launch this app soon.

MSME Ecosystem

Another popular app that will soon add to the list is MSME Ecosystem. It helps small businesses to expand their empire.


20 February
Made the First Move
Ginie Digital laid the first stone in the digital world in 2020. When the entire world was experiencing a great downfall, we were working on something massive.
Service-Based Company
We set up Ginie Digital as a service-based company for app development and, on the massive ground, completed myriad projects. But the hunger to do something big was still on. At this point, we get a clear notion about working for ourselves.
2020 - 2023
Unbeaten Expansion
Here, the launch of products enters the frame. After a lot of groundwork, we embarked upon our first product, Fahdu, which is gushing successfully in the market. And many more to roll in.

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About Us!

We are a product-based company dedicated to reshaping the digital landscape in India. Our work is to provide diverse and user-centric apps designed to elevate and enrich lives nationwide. We have a clear mission and vision of bringing cutting-edge technology to audiences and fostering convenience and productivity.

Our Mission

At Ginie Digital, we aim to deliver individuals exceptional and innovative digital solutions. We simplify complexities and enhance daily experiences by working on apps to cater to the spectrum of needs. We work with advanced technology and create a lasting impact on people’s lives throughout India.

Our Vision

As a Leading Indian product-based firm, our vision is to lead the Indian app ecosystem and be known for our dedication to quality, innovation, and societal advancement. We see our app as an empowerment tool, empowering users to live more informed and effective lives. We establish new standards in the digital space paving the way for a more connected and forward-thinking India.